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    Flair – Tipsy

    We have just released our latest Flair Nail Polish appliers Tipsy. They are available on Marketplace and are a natural look with coloured fade tips. Included are appliers for eBody Reborn, Slink and Cinnamon and Chai. Auxiliary layers available for Senra bodies.

    Flair on Marketplace

    Flair - Nail Polish 263 - Tipsy


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    Flair – Frank and Monster Mash (Gift) updates

    We have updated the Frank themed nail polish set, and also the Monster Mash set. Monster Mash is a Gift pack. You can find them both on Marketplace. We hope you like them. If you have a previous version of the Frank Nails (They would have 168 in the name) please contact Sasy Scarborough in world with your information.

    Flair Store on Marketplace

    Flair - Nail Polish 168 - Frank VA

    Flair - Nail Polish Monster Mash GIFT

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    Flair – Now including eBody Reborn & Senra

    We have added appliers options for the eBody Reborn body, as it has a UV very similar to the one used for Slink and Cinnamon & Chai. So if you have an eBody Reborn body, you can now wear Flair polishes too. With the release of the new Second Life default Senra avatars, we have also included those in our updates. The Senra avatar body options includes the nails as their own UV space, so polishes are made using the Auxiliary layers.

    Included with all Flair Nail Polish packs currently – Slink and Cinnamon & Chai applier HUD, eBody Reborn applier HUD and Aux layers for Senra.

    If you have any questions about these updates, please do not hesitate to contact Sasy Scarborough in world.

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    Flair – Nail Polish Updates Info

    Flair is in the process of updating previous released nail polish sets. These updates include more options of colours and convenience. The previous sets included 8 colours. The new updated versions include 12 colours as well as three free French Polish go to buttons for ease of use – this allows a quick change to a more natural look between outfits, without having to look for a natural look set to apply.

    The new applier HUDs are automated to open on add/wear, and have minimise and detach buttons.

    Here are the Updated sets so far, any tweaks to them for a better look (skill levels change over time, so we improved upon the looks of some older styles). If you have previous versions of these sets, please contact Sasy Scarborough in world with your information and the number of the set (number of set is in the name of the HUD) and I will do my best to find the transaction and update you as soon as possible – no charge for existing purchases of updated sets to these variants.

    All currently updated versions can be found in our Marketplace Store

    Flair - Nail Polish Updates Collage 1

    Flair - Nail Polish Updates Collage 2

    Flair - Nail Polish Updates Collage 3