Flair – Boston Water Bottle

Flair – Boston Water Bottle on Marketplace

NEW! We have added RLV locking system to our Flair hold-ables so that they stay in place even if something else attaches to the same point. You will need an RLV enabled viewer to use this feature, but it is optional and is just a toggle on or off button on the HUD.

The Boston Water Bottle HUD

Texture change buttons control the five elements to the bottle. Each element contains 6 or 16 textures to choose from. The item is Mod/Copy you can go into edit and manually tint the individual faces if you desire a different colour. Resize the bottle to fit your hand using the Second Life editing functions, you will need to also resize the lid held in your other hand.

Button Information:


● Click to select from Small, Medium and Large settings to help with configuring the right animation/pose for your shape.

IMPORTANT Poses and animations are very reliant on the shape parameters they were created on. We have provided three different options to better equip you for a good fit. You may need to either resize the bottle or potentially alter your hand size and shoulder width, but it is not always necessary to do so.


● Drink – Click to use the sequence animation as an instant use case. ● Hold – click the Hold button for a static high priority bento hold.

● Hydrate – Click and leave activated, the animation will randomly play every 30 – 90 seconds keeping you hydrated.

● Stop – Stops all animation/poses so that your arm/hand is free to move with other animations you may be using.


● Use the four arrows to move the cup forward, backward and left to right. Reset to put it back where you started.

● Use the Up/Down arrows to move the cup higher or lower in your hand.

RLV ~ You must have RLV active on your viewer for this option to work. Currently the standard Second Life viewer does not support RLV (this may change in the future), so you would need to use a third party viewer which supports it – To activate RLV click on the RestrainedLove API option in the Advanced Menu of your viewer.

● The RLV lock will prevent the attachment/s from being detached. This helps keep your item/s from being unintentionally replaced by other items, since many clothing items are incorrectly set to attach to your right hand! When you want to detach your Flair items, unlock them via the HUD. If you are having trouble wearing something else while your attachment is locked, use “add” or attach it to another attachment point.


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