Flair – Cheer Cup

The Cheer Cup has been released at the Frost-E event currently running until New Years. We hope you can visit the Flair booth and grab a gift while you are there (gift item is a set of Flair polishes for Senra, Ebody Reborn and Slink nails).

Flair booth @ Frost-E event

The Cheer Cup


  1. Click the drink animation and watch to see if the straw comes close to your mouth.
  2. If the straw doesn’t reach near your mouth, try a different size from the avatar size drop down at the bottom right of the HUD. (more below)
  3. After choosing the avatar size that works best, the fit can be further refined by using PLACEMENT or your viewer’s edit tools to move/rotate/resize the cup until the straw meets your lips


The item is Mod/Copy, so you can go into edit and manually tint the individual faces if you desire a different colour.



● Choose avatar size of Small, Medium or Large for the animation set that best lines up with your mouth.
(The variety of combinations of shoulder width, arm length, and neck length are too wide to cover all the bases, so just pick the nearest one.
For a perfect fit, you may need to modify your shape in addition to editing the size/position/rotation of the cup)


● Drink – Click to drink once!

● Hold – A static hold.

● Hydrate – The drink animation will randomly play every 30 – 90 seconds keeping you hydrated.

● Stop – Stops all animation/poses so that your arm/hand is free to move with other animations you may be using.

note: all animations are priority 5


● Use the four arrows to move the cup forward, backward and left to right. Reset to put it back where you started.

● Use the Up/Down arrows to move the cup higher or lower in your hand.

note: for more control, using the SL edit tools gives the same result, and adds the ability to rotate and scale

If you have any questions please contact Sasy Scarborough or Mel Vanbeeck in world.

Thank you.

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